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My credit card information was not accepted. What can I do?
Posted by Support Admin on 25 April 2016 04:19 PM

For proper credit card verification, the billing address on your order must match the billing address on your credit card. Please make sure that your name and address appears exactly the same as the name on your credit card billing statement.If your card has a security code it must be entered correctly on the payment screen. You may see a hold of $1 on your bank statement after your transaction or credit card was not authorized in the online store. The online store needs to authorize at least this amount to process your payment request. This is not a fee and you will not be charged this amount. If you are using a corporate card, check with the cardholder or your Accounting department to verify the name and billing address of the cardholder. Corporate card orders must also use the name of the cardholder in the billing address, and not the purchaser, in order to process the order successfully.If you continue to have problems, please contact Customer Service at Remember that your credit card will not be charged until the product is actually shipped.

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