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Client Photo Shoot Ideas
Posted by Ken Gromala on 06 May 2016 11:20 AM

High res Photos well lit on a white background allow for more flexibility in use for blending in with other backgrounds or cutting out the background. The same thing can be achieved with proper lighting and contrast of the foreground and background.  Having shadows on your face is fine as it gives the viewer a sense of perspective.  Most photographers, I mean the good ones, know how to proper light their subjects to provide a variety of shots.


Think in terms of expressions, poses, camera angles and Hair styling, and clothing. For example, I’ve got more shots of me without a tie as my audiences are younger and it’s more congruent and fresh, although I still have shots with me in a suit and tie.  Some speakers have branded colors they like or a prop they use in a speech.  The goal is to get an arsenal of photos to be used on the site and for future promotions.  A good photographer will “frame” the picture with more edge space to allow for proper cropping.


Here’s an idea of a typical photo shot list.  Modify accordingly.


1.      Headshots

a.      Used for social media profiles.

b.      Standard smile and pose, head tilted, face on, eye level or up, not you looking down towards camera.

c.       More active pose

d.      Funny or quirky pose

e.      Different outfits – colors and neutrals.


2.      Full-body poses

a.      Natural poses

b.      Standing and leaning against a wall. Different poses. The outcome is that the wall can be replaced with a book or product cover.  Again, leaving enough space for editing.

c.       In a chair, with different poses. Normally the chair is cropped out but allows you to look for comfortable.

d.      Funny or quirky poses… play and have fun… you’d be surprised at how shots you think would never work become your favorites.

3.      In Action Shots

a.      These can be staged, but care must be taken not to make them look too still or un-natural.

b.      Do NOT take a photo with posed with a microphone smiling at the camera. Too 1980’s.

c.       Again, the background gets cut out allowing us to replace it with a themed, colored or image background. 


The best thing to do is talk with your photographer and explain how you plan on using the photos… for your website, marketing and promotional materials, advertisements, product covers, etc.  One thing, I only hire photographers that agree to give me ALL of the photos in high res on disk or thumbdrive.  I don’t work with those that say they keep the rights to the negatives and charge me usage fees, reprint fees or only let me pay by the picture.   They are getting hired to do a job and they can take it or pass and there are thousands of other photographers that will agree to your terms.   The need to understand that you are hiring them for a “photo-shoot” for a fixed, pre-agreed time and shot list. 


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